What We Create


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Quick and easy without sacrificing flavor or nutrition

In today’s fast paced world, our breakfast items provide meals that are quick and easy without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Our omelet bites come in a variety of flavors, all of which are family friendly and cook in less than 2 minutes. Skillet starters make a delicious hash without all the prep of chopping vegetables or thinking of a sauce – simply add your own eggs or preferred protein. 

Appetizers & Snacks

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Perfect for entertaining on a whim or a delicious snack 

Our appetizers bring a high-quality alternative to the freezer space. From classic sweet and savory pastry puffs to innovative street food inspired bites, our appetizers cook up fresh in a matter of minutes and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.


Meal Kits

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We bring the popular fresh meal kit format to frozen

The ease of preparing a meal for a busy lifestyle is delivered with one pan meal kits. We have options for a skillet meal with a sauce packet or for those looking for an easy dinner that still has the cooking experience, our meal kits can come with a bag of grains or pasta, a pouch of a vegetable medley, and a separate sauce packet, with or without proteins.

Vegetables & Grains

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Our vegetable and grain blends are the perfect meal starter

 We combine healthy grains like rice, quinoa, farro, black rice, and barley with vegetables and a delicious sauce for a dish that’s easily paired with a seared steak, baked salmon or a rotisserie chicken picked up from the deli.

Our delicious combinations eliminate the hassle of cooking each grain individually and can come in crowd-pleasing flavors or are a way to introduce fun flavors and spices in an approachable way.

A convenient way to ease the “what’s for dinner?” fatigue.


Sauced Vegetables

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Delicious custom sauces coat vegetables or medleys perfectly

Truly some of our best sellers!

Whether a straight vegetable or a medley, these dishes are made with our proprietary sauces and can be microwaved or pan roasted and ready to eat in minutes.  

Decadent Vegetables

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Inspired by our favorite restaurant sides and comfort foods

These twists on classics and fusion mashups are extremely tasty and guaranteed to become some of your new “favorites”!